• Training programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, and support in research projects in the field of: Solar power, Photovoltaic's, Solar Thermal. Wind Energy, Wind Plants. Bioenergy, Biogas, Biomass. Energy Management. Water Management and Treatment. Environmental Technologies.
  • We strongly emphasis the practical aspects of our program(s) through exercises, simulations, & site tours.Visits to German companies & projects enable participants to discuss their topics of interest with experts, manufacturers, & business partners, remember there is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask them all.
  • We also provide our participants with a cultural program as well, through city tours.
  • We have highly rated & reliable contacts within Middle Eastern, African, & European countries, which allows our participants the chance to collaborate & make future partnerships during their time in the program.
  • For our International Partners, of course we are also happy to offer our services and to organize conferences and training programs for your employers and students in Germany or abroad.


Our most popular and commonly offered programs today include:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar Power, Photovoltaic’s
  • Solar Thermal (small and large scale)
  • Wind Energy On- and off-shore
  • Bio-energy, Biogas, Biomass
  • Energy Management / Energy Efficiency
  • Water Management and Treatment
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Sustainable Rural & Urban Development and Project Management

Our Programs & Activities

  • A variety of programs from solar PV, solar thermal, CSP to wind energy on-/offshore, biogas plant and energy efficiency trainings to a variety of participants: beginner, professional, or trainer & expert.
  • Characterized by both theoretical & practical aspects in order to meet the demands of highly ranked employers in the “green” economy.
  • Throughout our program we will provide you with the advice & guidance you need.
  • Investor: learn about a new business opportunity/how today’s technology can provide us with free electricity & energy –OR- you are here to gain the knowledge that you are seeking in order to obtain & pursue a new job/career in the RE field.
  • You will be presented with very valuable & key info. by experts in the field, we ask that you use this time wisely to obtain as much info. as possible & to ask any questions that you may have.
  • It makes us very proud as a program to know that our participants are successful in their careers after completing our the program, and creating projects of their own.



In addition to the course material and studying done throughout our program(s), we offer cultural and enjoyable events to help make participants feel at home.  We believe these events implement successful motivation that boost performance and help create a positive learning environment.  At the end of each program, we provide our participants with a photo album of their journey and learning experience.


German Academy Support Team

  • We are here to help our participants in any way possible.
  • We support you through the whole process from filling out the program application to staying in contact once the program is over, in order to put you in contact with other experts in the field.
  • We welcome international participants worldwide to take part in our program. If you will need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany, we will gladly support you through the process and send you an invitation letter to support your visa application.
  • We help participants organize their stay; we provide useful travel information and find convenient accommodations according to participants preferences in 4-5 star hotels which offer special group rates or in budget friendly hostels and/or hotels located near the city center.
  • If you are interested in any of our other program(s) or have any questions please feel free to contact us, our CEO along with our international team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.