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Course: Wind Energy & Technologies of Wind Power

Wind Energy & Technologies of Wind Power



Energy supply transported via central grids is sometimes interrupted or simply not available in remote regions. Thus, fuel operated generators are often used to fill the gap but their disadvantages are manifold: they are noisy, costly to maintain, they consume fossil fuels and are harmful for the environment.This Course: "Wind Energy & Technologies of Wind Power" offers an in-depth insight and provides, with lectures, knowledge about physical basics of wind power and technologies of wind power generators, design and construction of wind power systems, hand-on exercises on wind power and also knowledge about the profitability and the costs effectiveness of renewable energies systems.


Target GroupTarget Group

This course is designed for engineers, technicians, decision makers, suppliers, students or graduates of engineering, technicians, economics or related subjects. as well as investors and educators in the field of renewable energies or public and academic sectors who wish to get a comprehensive introduction to renewable energy technologies, as well as those wishing to installing renewable energy systems in both urban or rural. 



Course Date: July 20th.- 24th, 2020

Location:       Berlin (Germany)

Application and Payment Finalization Deadlines: 15.03.2020


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